EM 385-1-1 8 hour training

EM 385-1-1 Online Training 8 Hours


Online EM 385-1-1 8-Hour Training, designed by trainers with 15+ years of onsite training experience.
* The estimated time for this training is 8 hours.

  • USACE Compliant
  • Instant Access
  • Print Certificate and Card
  • Company Accounts and Bulk Discounts Available

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EM 385-1-1 Online Training Details

Our online EM 385-1-1 training provides a quick, simple and effective way to get yourself or your workers to get EM 385 certification. We've been providing training solutions for individuals, safety managers, and business owners for over 15 years.

Don't settle for courses that promise certification, but are only 15 minutes long. Our robust training approach gives an interactive experience. This 8-hour course fulfills the training requirements for contractors and federal employees working on military projects. It is designed to introduce learners to the safety standards contained in the EM 385-1-1 manual published by the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE). It covers all of the most relevant and widely applicable topics in the manual, from creating safety programs, to managing buildings and vehicles, to protecting employees at heights and in confined spaces. Along the way, it provides learners with helpful references and explanatory material and learners get a certificate instantly upon completion.

Training is an investment. That is why hundreds of companies and individuals all over the world trust the Hard Hat Training Series for their online training needs. Our unique online training program has been fine-tuned to provide you with the best training experience possible.

  • Complete Training: First and foremost our goal is to keep you safe and save you money.  Train using a program that helps you retain what is learned so that it is put into practice on job sites.
  • Cost Effective: Hiring a trainer to come on-site can be expensive. In contrast, our online curriculum lowers costs while still providing a professional training experience. (Check out our bulk pricing tiers below!)
  • Records Tracking System: We offer an easy-to-use management system so that if you have multiple students who are receiving training you can have access to all records, certificates, observation guides, and more! (Contact us if you would like us to quickly create a company account for you)
  • Train Your Way: You can use this online EM 385 program for new hire training, refresher training or train remotely. Access it from anywhere and work on your schedule.
  • Interactive Learning: Special reminders and quiz questions throughout the course prep students for the final exam so that it is passed the first time.
  • Corporate License: Do you want to host this course on your own server? Contact us about obtaining broadcasting rights for this and any of our other online courses.



What's in this EM 385-1-1 Training?

Our EM 385-1-1 Training course is designed for military contractors and federal employees. The course contains sections on worksite considerations, at heights, hot work, industrial hygiene, and earthmoving operations. Each course has intermittent quiz questions, a written and practical exam included, and once you complete and pass the course you will have instant access to a printable certificate.

Why Do You Need EM 385 Training?

In line with USACE regulations, anyone working on military engineering projects like construction, environmental clean-up, and research and development, must receive EM 385 training. The standards in the EM 385-1-1 manual are similar to the OSHA standards in some ways, but they are generally more strict (many passages in the manual refer to ANSI standards), and they cover a number of special situations. On military projects, the Corps of Engineers’ standards take precedence over the OSHA standards. All personnel involved with military projects must understand and follow these safety standards for the entire duration of the project. This includes military and government employees and supervisors, as well as any contractors who have contracts with the Corps of Engineers.
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